Friday, June 27, 2008

I see decedents

I took Wills, Estates and Trusts less than a year ago. How come the last two days of Bar/Bri Wills was like a foreign language to me. Granted, the prof (who shall remain nameless) was a mumbler and didn't answer questions to anyone's satisfaction, but the E&E should have at least exposed me to some of these concepts. The NY distinctions aren't even that severe!

Earlier in the week, we did torts, which was similarly an eye-opening experience. My torts prof was a law and economics guy who spent most of the class time writing inscrutable matrices of numbers on the board and left trifling little concerns like elements and the mechanics of causation to the TA who, to his credit, did the best he possibly could in the little time he had during reading period. Thanks, prof.

On the other hand, con law was drilled into my head so thoroughly that I could do my crosswords in peace without having to fill in the blanks. Hopefully the MBE will all be equal protection and justifiability stuff.

Law schools aren't like schools of air conditioner repair - curricula vary, and that's a good thing. If that were the case, we'd all just take Bar/Bri and be done with it over one horrid summer (or winter). I feel like I learned a lot and took advantage of many opportunities afforded me by my school, but almost none of it is the least bit of use at the moment.

Researchers have found that taking courses that could help with the bar have no effect on passage rates. It took me half a summer to figure out why.

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